cover design by Clifford Ellis?
inc Board of Governors
Court & Gardens brief intro
classical ballet in the Picture Gallery
Methuen collection etc
The First Aim of the Academy....
the education of the artist - Lewis Mumford
music room, dancing & drama
Academy orchestra : dancing out-of-doors
library : Court greenhouse
The Library and the Court Gardens
textile design inspirations
drawing & painting; printing & books
painting studio
sculpture studio
sculpture, modelling & pottery; architecture
combined courses; courses for teachers
drawing in Box stone quarry; throwing on the wheel
Monk's Park - Education Tutorial Room
Two Year Course for art teachers
teachers cert.; 3rd year courses; fees
4 year course NDD; admission age; enrolment
Medical Examination; P/T classes;  Bath Art Club
Monk's Park hostel for women
Monk's - gramophone recital by firelight
Academy staff line-up, 1950
printing credit
top of the pages

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