1960 - 61 Prospectus
from Peter Tuck  '61-64

First Year Studies : related spirals
Board of Governors
Staff : Principal Visitors
Illustrations index
First Year Studies - related surfaces, related lines
Visual Communication -  photography and typography / First Year Study - Hexagons
Third Year Study : still life in whites / figure in movement
after Courbet - oil on board
Gallery, Museum, Library / Drawing and Design
Painting : Printing and Photography
Sculpture, Pottery and Metal Work / Textiles and Needlework
Music and Drama / English
General Studies / Visual Communication
Education / Other Subjects
Corsham Court
Residence : The Academy Club / interior line and wash
Studies in the State Rooms in Corsham Court / Seminar in the Chinese Room
From the Kiln Room Window / Welding in the Sculpture School
Experimental School at Beechfield : painting / shadow puppet
Movement / Admission
Courses of Study : NDD / Cert Ed.
Supplementary Certificate / General Regulations
Fees / Grants
Communications / Second Year Study - snake skin photo
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