Stephen Russ
[1919 - 1983]

After an education in Bath and attending the Royal College Stephen became a lecturer at Bath Academy of Art where he was in charge of printed textiles.
He also worked as an illustrator for Collins, Bodley Head and Penguin. He did the patterned covers for the
series of Penguin Poets dating from the early 1960's.

a vihuela
[renaissance instrument of the guitar type]
one of several instruments that he made.

Although Stephen was a dedicated and inspiring teacher and was regarded with great affection by many of his students, the only reference to him in the two publications on Corsham [on this site] is in the list of tutors and his design work is in danger of being overlooked.
We are hoping to produce a book with the INcline Press which will celebrate his work and achievements. We are in contact with his family and Silvie Turner has written a piece about him.
If any past students or any other visitors to this site have stories or information about his teaching, design work or his life we would be very pleased to hear from them. Stephen was particularly camera shy so any photographs would be very welcome. Needless to say great care would be taken of these and they would be returned in due course.

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