Bee Willey Contacts Enquiries

Bee Willey has illustrated over 20 childrens books: her clients have included BMP,Conran Design, DNBB, South Bank Centre, Halifax Building Society, HEA, Heinemann International, Hodder and Stoughton, Kingfisher Larousse, Lewis Moberly, Longmans, Macmillan, Mattel, NFT, Orion, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Picador, Quartet, Random Childrens Books, Royal Mail, Simon and Schuster ,The Wine Society and Walker Books.

Her co-oeditions are sold in USA , Italy, Denmark,Spain,Korea.

She also enjoys the snappiness of editorial jobs for most magazines.

She has recently moved to Suffolk and loves the seafood and life out of London but not too far to make frequent visits back.

She was recently short-listed for the Kate Greenaway prize for her book Bob Robber and Dancing Jane.

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