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Bruce Allan

1950 in Boston, England

Lives and works in 
Blakeney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Last update of artist details 
11 Jun 1998

Price range 
100 to 100000

Years experience 

I work with ideas to focus or make visible. I am concerned with the sensate which embraces lineal-subliminal exchange. An artwork comes alive when it has touched and entered the imagination. In my work I encourage the role of viewer as performer and acknowledge that without this engagement the work of art remains essentially blind.
Much of my work is site related and draws on the dynamics of places and spaces. Each place (site) is uniquely shaped by it's location and the circumstances particular to it's evolution. A site can be noisy or quiet, chaotic or ordered. A site is a place to enter and engage with. A site may offer an opportunity for reflection. Artwork introduced into a site will be integral to the site itself. Successfully integrated artwork need not announce itself as such, but rather in a symbiotic way, seek to record and disclose facets of the site. At first glance the artwork may appear invisible. Artwork and site are indivisible, the artwork holds a subtle presence.

Commissions and residencies 
1998 Selected as Lead Artist working with the Environment Agency to integrate Artwork in a Flood Defence Scheme at Bideford Quay, North Devon
1997 Arnolfini Multiple Commissions, funded by Arnolfini
1994 Wall Drawings, Galerie Ramses Msera, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1990 Sommer Atelier, Hanover, Germany
1989 Inter Arts Collaboration, Rambert Dance Company, Arnolfini, Bristol
1988 Observatory, Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

Solo exhibitions 
1997 Propositions, Cairn Gallery, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire
1997 Between Tides, Severn Estuary, Newnham on Severn, Gloucestershire (for the Running Wave project)
1997 Looking at the River, Severn Revels Festival, Blaisdon, Gloucestershire
1996 Dreaming in Different Languages, Kingsgate Gallery, London
1996 Eight Days Green, Blakeney, Gloucestershire
1996 Outside In, Galeria On, Poznan, Poland
1994 In Oleg's House, 12, Ardonskaia Street, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1994 Between Seven Days, Galerie Ramses Msera, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1994 Beyond the Lines, Cairn Gallery, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire
1993 Red and Green, Gas Ferry Studios, Bristol
1993 Walking Through Walls, Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1991 Mimic, Gas Ferry Studios, Bristol
1989 Bruce Allan Skulptur, Galerie Barz, Hanover, Germany

Group exhibitions 
1998 Out of Place (site interventions), Bristol
1998 20/20, Angelrow, Nottingham
1997/98 Arnolfini Multiple Commissions, Arnolfini, Bristol
1997 20/20, Kingsgate Gallery, London
1997 Location, Usher Gallery, Lincoln
1997 Thanks, Hiroshima, Japan
1995 Natural Settings, Chelsea Physic Garden, London
1994 Exposition Mivart, Mivart Studios, Bristol
1994 Silk Road, Caravanserai, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1992 Fifty Ideas, City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol
1992 Not For Sale, 20 / 21, Lower Park Row, Bristol
1991 Galerie Barz, Hanover, Germany
1989/90 Altes Und Neues, Galerie Barz, Hanover, Germany
1989 Artspace and Sculpture Shed, Arnolfini, Bristol
1989 Installationen Objekte, Eisfabrik, Hanover, Germany
1987 Bristol Hanover Art Show, Cannons Marsh, Bristol

Prizes and awards 
1994 Travel Bursary, The British Council
1992 GWS Melhuish Award, South West Arts
1990 Materials / Maintenance Award, Kulturampt, Hanover, Germany
1989 Travel Bursary, Bristol Hanover Association

Critical reviews and press coverage 
1993 Conor Joyce, Bruce Allan, Art Monthly, March
1989 Alexandra Glanz, Kuhles Kalkul, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, June
1988 Margaret Garlake, Forest of Dean Revisited, Art Monthly, Oct 19
1988 William Packer, Summer Sculpture, Financial Times, July

1973 Diploma AD Sculpture, Bath Academy of Art, Corsham

Training and work experience 
1997 Sculpture Trust/Forestry Commission day workshop to achieve a shared understanding of the purpose, management and present status of the FOD Sculpture Trail, Forestry Commission, Bank House, Coleford, Glos
1992 Sculpture Trust - two day seminar for Artists and Trustees of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail to evaluate and review the experience of the Trail
1984 Founder Member, Bristol Sculpture Shed
1976 Founder Member, Artspace Bristol

Teaching experience 
1997/98 Visiting Lecturer, Art and Visual Culture, University of the West of England
1997/98 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Countryside and Landscape, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education
1997 Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Department, Wimbledon School of Fine Art
1993 Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Department, University of Plymouth
1990/93 Part-time Lecturer, Artspace Studios, visiting students from University of West of England and Bath College
1990 Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Department, Bath College

Professional societies 
Trustee, Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust

1997 Location, Exhibition Guide, Thomas A Clark, Usher Gallery, Lincoln
1994 Between Seven Days, Galerie Ramses Msera, Ketevan Jafaridze, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1993 Walking Through Walls, Spacex Gallery, Jonathan Livingstone, Exeter
1991 Spaces, Places, Landmarks, New Art, Rupert Martin, Academy Editions, London
1990 The Sculpted Forest, Rupert Martin, Redcliff Press

Slide libraries 
Axis, Leeds
South West Arts Slide Library

Arts Council of England, Collection
Gunter Barz, Hanover, Germany

Areas of work 
Exhibiting, Fundraising, Lottery applications, Practice-based research, Private commissions, Project management, Public art, Residencies

Art skills 
Drawing, Environmental art, Installations, Metalwork, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

Curating, Lecturing, Visual arts consultancy, Workshops, Artists' books, Live art, Video

Environment/Ecology, Philosophy, Psychology

Languages spoken 

Click to see a larger version of Bruce Allan's Work
Honey and Mud, 1996

Click to see a larger version of Bruce Allan's Work
Before Words, 1994

Click to see a larger version of Bruce Allan's Work
Breath, 1992



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