Charles Griffin left Bath Academy of Art in 1973. Since then his cartoons and caricatures have appeared in the Daily Mail, Observer, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The European, The People, Punch and many other magazines. He has also illustrated numerous books, including a novel by Geoffrey Archer.


He has done much television work over the years and has been interviewed on TV several times. In 1996, he appeared in a BBC2 programme about cartoonists and the Royal Family called We Are Not Amused, presented by Kenneth Baker MP. Charles also drew the illustrations for Channel 4's Rory Bremner Show.


Charles was the main Daily Mirror cartoonist for ten years, drawing the social/political cartoon every day under thee heading Griffin's Eye. However, in December 1995, he was headhunted by the Express and started work there in January 1996. They had wanted him to take over from the late, highly regarded, Giles. This is what he did until Rosie Bycott became editor and decided to get rid of anything which might be of interest to the readers!

Charles sells many of his originals to politicians, pop stars, actresses and collectors including Joan Collins, Richard Branson and Michael Heseltine. Princess Margaret recently requested a cartoon and the Queen Mother, to Charles' delight, was once quoted as saying he is one of her favourite cartoonists.


Celebrities, actors, actresses, pop stars, politicians, royalty


Editorial, political, social comment, caricature, book and feature illustration.

"Jaysus, Martin, isn't it embarrassing when they do that?"



Charles Griffin

United Kingdom

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