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  Chris Murray image 1: Reader, pastel and gouache on paper, 230mm x 315mm Chris Murray image 2: Jacob Sleeping, ink and pastel on paper, 310mm x 435mm Chris Murray image 3: Licky Dog, pastel and gouache on paper, 280mm x 380mm Chris Murray image 4: Boatman with Dog, ink and gouache on paper, 295mm x 320mm Chris Murray image 5: Boat repair, ink and gouache on paper, 210mm x 295mm Chris Murray image 6: Cyclist acrobat, ink and charcoal on paper, 420mm x 297mm


Chris Murray studied at Bath Academy of Art and worked as a graphic designer before starting to paint professionally. His experience encompasses painting and drawing, print making, graphic design, illustration and storyboarding, mural design, design for television and garden design.

His paintings are concerned with making stories, received, shared or personal. In the latter, he paints his immediate surroundings, familiar objects and the paraphernalia of life. Totem visitors: a dog, a double bass player, a crab or monster, also feature, afflicting or consoling the hero stick figure. He is a member of Aire Valley Artists and has exhibited widely in the Yorkshire region.

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