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Clive Daniels

Clive trained & worked as a commercial artist. He studied fine art as a part time student at Bath Academy of Art. Entered teaching as a mature student. B.Ed(Bristol University) in 3 dimensional art & philosophy. Taught for 20 years at Cramborne Middle school, Dorset.

    I have always been involved in some aspect of the visual arts, as a graphic artist, part time painter, sculptor student & art teacher. Since my retirement I have pursued my two main pastimes, walking & painting. The main core of  my artwork over these retirement years has been the relationship between landscapes & figures. The idea for this work originates from walking the countryside, coastline & mountains & working from on the spot sketches, memory & imagination. I attempt to create scenes where the figures introduced reflect the moods & tensions of the landscape. The figures also introduce a suggestion of narrative to the composition where colour, shape & surface quality are important elements. I try to avoid using any sort of photographic reference.

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