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In the Name of the Gods
by David Elkington

About the author
avid Elkington was born in England in 1962 but spent his formative years travelling and exploring the Southern Hemisphere with his parents. His childhood in Australia was supplemented by sojourns in Polynesia, New Zealand and Indonesia. It was in these places that he first developed an interest in Sacred Sites and ancient traditions.

He trained as an artist at the Bath Academy of Art where an interest in the relationship between Christian myth and sacred sites was fuelled. Research for 'In the Name of the Gods' began in earnest in the early 1980s when he walked through Europe and the Middle East on a quest to understand and appreciate the mind of Ancient Man and his relationship with particular sites upon the Earth. For 20 years David has been led on a revelatory trail through world mythology, linguistics and philology into geophysics, architecture, acoustics, music, neuro-physiology, theology and still further into the all-encompassing, resonant atmosphere of the planet. As his research continued, surprising results emerged. For several years, David has been working with Dr Keith Hearne, the 'father of lucid dream research', on a new area of psychology - Geolinguistics - which sees the development of language as a direct result of the Earth's physical environment.

David began to introduce his work to the public in 1996 when he presented a major lecture on 'Acoustic Resonance, Life and Consciousness' at the Quest for Knowledge Conference in London. He lectures in England and Europe, has co-hosted a tour of the major ancient sites of Egypt and is a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and Palestine Exploration Fund. He has been a consultant to the government of Sierra Leone, to the BBC, ITV, and to NASA.

Book Description (from the publisher)
Everything that exists does so because of vibration.

Matter comes into being because energy vibrates - any science book will
tell you that. But understand the science of vibration, learn how to use
it and you will have the key to...

Well, everything.

Knowledge like that would be worth a lot of money. How about 692 billion? That's how wealthy in today's terms, the Templars became after their search for knowledge in the Middle East. If we wish to know what knowledge they found, we only have to look at what happened next - Cathedrals, scores of them, erected across Europe.

Why were these immense edifices built? Have you heard the acoustics in these places? Make the right sound and the effect is mind expanding, modern scientific research can prove it so.

The Earth vibrates, bell-like and deeply, within itself and as a consequence of incoming cosmic rays. In the alpha state man's own mind is in harmony with the resonance of Mother Earth. Take the Ancient's knowledge, and the right vibration in the right place can link you to the secrets of the Earth and of the Cosmos too. This spiritual technology requires a sacred laboratory; an acoustically designed building, appropriate in shape and position - like the Great Pyramid for example. Now the mysterious Ancient Egyptian ceremony of 'the opening of the mouth' begins to make sense: Sound: The Word.

This knowledge of vibration is a key to the self and to the Cosmos. This is the stuff that religions are founded upon. The Ancients knew about this; the Acoustic Anomalies team at Princeton University have proven that with their researches in England and Ireland. The Neolithic designs carved in rocks at Newgrange, for example, clearly describe the amazing acoustic qualities of the chamber. There is no doubt, these people were experts in sound.

The Ancients knew the secrets of vibration and with that, they knew the power of names - the speaking of them and the giving of them, holy names, God's names and also titles such as Jesus, Mary and Anna. What's more, this was not just a local knowledge, it was world-wide. This is why the versions of these three names are to be found the world over, predating Christianity by thousands of years. And they are clues to spiritual technology itself, always connected to places and times of vibrational power.

Jesus before Christ; what does it all mean? It means that, at last, science and religion can be reconciled. The truth has never changed, it is we who have forgotten. Matter comes into being because energy vibrates: 'In the beginning was The Word!' And Now? - As ever, The Word.

David Elkingon's book 'In The Name of the Gods' is an account of his years of research. Read it and you will gain a new understanding. You will never look at the world, its history, or its futire, in the same way again.

This book will forever change your view of religion and spirituality, and opens up new vistas of science unknown in the previous century.

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