Deborah McCabe

The excitement in my work comes from my observation of people around me, which can occur at any time, any place.

It may be an image within a split second - a movement of an arm, a twist of a head, a pitch forward of a body towards another in a conversation; which then may have to be absorbed for some time, distilled if you like, to reach the optimum simplicity.

I have developed my work since graduating from Bath Academy of Art in 1986, and have shown widely, including the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition on several occasions, The Mall Galleries, London, and the Sainsbury Centre at the University of East Anglia.

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Sample Works:

A Walk
Terracotta 8"x12"x11" - 800

Big Issue
Terracotta 13"x13"x4" - 650

Terracotta 13"x16"x4" - 650