The Painted Violins

#5 - Elizabeth Dax of Niermann Weeks

Elizabeth Dax is the Senior Design Coordinator for Niermann Weeks, the Annapolis firm recognized in the trade for its high-end customized furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories. A specialist in the restoration of 18th and 19th century paintings, Ms. Dax has painted her violin in the Italian neoclassical style, using a pale, antiqued background, with decorative motifs done in more than 20 different colors and multiple glazes to achieve an appearance of a painting mellowed with age.

Born in Hampshire, England and raised between London and Paris, Elizabeth Dax received a degree in art from Bath Academy in England. Her fine arts education and extensive international travels have exposed her to a wide range of designs and painting styles. Always fascinated with 18th and 19th century works, Elizabeth Dax has become an authority on the composition of paints and glazes of that era and on what the passage of time has done to these old masterpieces. She frequently holds seminars for the artisans at Niermann Weeks on painting techniques of that period, observing that "artisans are involved in intricate handwork and their skills improve with knowledge."

In 1989 she left her Notting Hill studio in London to move to Annapolis and by 1990 she had begun working for Niermann Weeks' paint studio, maintaining a studio at home as well. Her semi-abstract paintings have been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic. Last year one of her paintings was reproduced in House Beautiful, leading to several private commissions.


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