Fin McMorran
Real CV


Began to talk. Instigated sibling rivalry
1961 Began school. Introduced to Catholicism as signifier of "which assembly should I be in?". Moved out of London - never forgave parents for thus denying me cool points
1964 Optimum Nostalgia age.(8) . Dad built us a shed.
1967 Discovered early politics (via Pirate Radio) and Ice Skating. Decided I definitely did not want to be a nun.
1970 Discovered other-ness, and the joy of reading. Decided to be an artist
1973 Discovered feminism and its conflicts with organised religion
1974 Foundation Studies: Bad Perms, worse outfits, intense friendships, and a very bad folk-rock band

Art School: Performance Art, Strict Tempo Ballroom Dancing and the art/craft schism. Discovered the joy of immersion in the thing you love. Discovered Whiskey

1979 Cycling, knit-your-own-bread and alternative punch and judy shows. Free Festivals.
1980 Drama school. discovered the joy of dancing and got tired of other-ness, but did it anyway
1981 Squatting, street theatre, Alternative Everything. Lost my best friend to a barmaid and discovered betrayal
1982-3 First proper studio since artschool (Brighton). Bohemia, poverty, and my first motorbike
Teacher training in Art and Design. survived it by playing rock and roll
1985-90 Growing up time - discovered girls, bought a house, got a better studio with a real artist community, packed in bad job to do art, supported by adult education teaching. Tried to fit myself into a critical context - one way or another
Got into a better band
1991-4 Discovered true love, gardening, dog-ownership, and a rented gardenshed. Much painting. First sight of a computer.
1995 Grand Passion. discovered wickedness, and the advantages to it accrued from being a size 10. This was not to last. Built sheds. Wore leather.
1996 Depression. My first computer. Really excellent studio
1997 Decided to experiment with my identity and see what would happen if a.I wasn't making art any more and b. I was queerer than thou. Studied Multimedia. Got a better computer. Didn't give up studio just in case.
1998-00 A period of significant shed-building, and attempts to engage with an artistic audience more. Joined a hand-drumming band. Discovered my tutors were probably right. Started making art with computer
2000 Moved to Newcastle, never quite fit in. Joined a drumming band.
2002 Bought a flat, finally got my own garden shed. Started a PhD. Why? Still trying to prove something?