Francis, though primarily a painter, has done much else besides. He has an honours degree in Modern History from the University of Oxford, a Diploma in Art and Design from the Bath Academy of Art and an Art Course Director's Diploma from the University of Bristol School of Education. An important influence on his work has been the Polish painter Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, under whom he studied and who provided a living link with the European colourist tradition (Seurat, Cézanne, Matisse and Bonnard). Francis has taught figure-drawing and painting in various Institutes of Further Education and, as a Visiting Lecturer, has been employed at all levels in Art Schools, especially for his knowledge of colour. He has held two three-year fellowships at the University of Stirling: first as the Cottrell Memorial Fellow, researching a new approach to the use of colour in paintings; and then, as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology, studying drawing skills. Subsequently, he initiated the University of Stirling Vision Group, an interdisciplinary body working on computer-based image interpretation. He has given talks concerning various aspects of drawing skills and colour perception both at international conferences and to Psychology Departments in Britain (including Edinburgh, Cambridge and Oxford). His ideas on these subjects have been published in various scholarly journals and books. Francis has exhibited paintings in England, Scotland and on the Mainland of Europe, and has designed a number of multi-media events. In 1988 he founded the Painting School of Montmiral. Since then, apart from painting and teaching, he has contributed articles to The Artist, The Artist's and Illustrator's Magazine, and Modern Painters, as well as publishing an essay on Toulouse-Lautrec in La Revue du Tarn. He is now working on a comprehensive book covering most aspects of painting and drawing, with special reference to skill-aquisition, expression and creativity. L'esplanade

Scottish Arts Council

1974, Lucy Milton Gallery, London (three person show).
1977, Royal College of Art, London (in association with a Colour Group of Great Britain Symposium) (two person show).
1977, MacRobert Gallery, Stirling (one person show).
1978, Arts Council of Scotland Gallery, Charlotte Square (recent acquisitions)
1978, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (in association with a Colour Group of Scotland Symposium) (one person show).
1978, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh (one person show).
1979, Talbot Rice Arts Centre, Edinburgh (three person show).
1983, Egstrom Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (four person show entitled "Four British Concrete Artists"). This exhibition was also shown at:
-1983, Norskoping Museum, Norskoping, Sweden.
-1984, Kunsthalle, Malmo, Sweden
1991, Centre Culturel d'Albigeois, Albi.
1996, Tour de Rondes, Lavaur
1999, Musée Jean Jaures, Castres (selected Tarn region artists)
1999, Chateau de la Linardier, Salvagnac, Tarn (four person show)
In addition Annely Juda Fine Art, London, has taken paintings to various art fairs in Europe, for example, at Bologna and Basle.

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