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Heather James

I studied graphic design at Bath Academy of Art from '76-'79 and, apart from a brief spell as a window dresser at the beginning of my career, I have worked in magazine publishing almost continuously since 1980. I have been working as a freelance designer since the early 1990\'s and enjoy the freedom of moving from one company to another, plus I appreciate the time off I have to work on my fine art.

Since graduating from college I have been in the habit of working in sketch books, for example while waiting for the train, strolling in the park or exploring places which are foreign to me. For these I enjoyed, and still do, the use of line, pencil and oil pastels to capture a moment or a change in the weather. Nowadays I am branching out into acrylics and watercolour, revisiting some of the scenes in my sketch books with the intention of developing these half-forgotten experiences more fully. Hence some of my images are more abstract than others.




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