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About the artist Joanna Walker

Joanna Walker - artist; sculpture and painter.Joanna was born in Nottinghamshire and studied at the Bath Academy of Art, leaving in 1985. She followed this with a period of training with the decorative artist Annie Sloan. This led to a succesful period of decrorative art work in both the commercial and residential sectors in the UK

In the early nineties Joanna travelled to India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Poland, Iran, Turkey, Nepal and Australia gathering valuable resource material and inspiration for her art.

During this period Joanna undertook three major decorative resoration projects in Australia; ANZ World Heritage Building in Melbourne, National Trust Properties, University of South Australia and the New Norcia Benedictine Monastry in Western Australia.

Joanna returned to the UK in 2000 and has been sculpting, painting and teaching in the Cotswolds.

To thine own self be true

In my sculpture and painting I concentrate on the juxtaposition of power and vulnerability.

A sapling will bend in the wind; a great oak may crack or fall down. In softness there is often great strength; a flower, with all its fragility, has the power to kill or cure as do man and woman.

I try to portray this paradox, that weakness can be strength, by revealing the internal and external lines of a form. I do this by using a range of media and contrasting colours and by mixing soft curves with straight lines and sharp angles.

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