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John Tatchell Freeman


John Tatchell Freeman studied painting at Bath Academy (Corsham) and Chelsea School of Art, leaving in 1980.

Freeman's latest book of 40 etchings; 'I London', completed on the eve of his fortieth birthday in April 1998, has met with critical acclaim from writers such as Roddy Doyle, William Boyd, Jah Wobble, Pauline Stainer; fellow-artist - Ralph Steadman; film maker - Ken Loach; critics - Jenny Uglow, Vanessa Beer and David Lee; the actor-director Steven Berkoff, 'Who' star Pete Townsend, and Ken Livingstone MP.  Postcard sets of 12 images selected from 'I London' are available at £4.95.

The artist's exploration of himself, his past, his city and the river place his work clearly in the tradition of the etched psychodramas of Goya, Piranesi, Ensor and Klinger.   The individual etchings listed are available for £110 each from Apocalypse.


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