Kate Nicholson (b.1929)

St Ives Crabber 1949, Oil on board, 61 x 91 cm, (acquired August 1964)
Although only painted around the time she started studying at Bath Academy of Art, 'St Ives Crabber' is nevertheless a quite typical example of Kate Nicholson's mature faux-naοf style, which is not dissimilar to works made by her parents Ben and Winifred Nicholson and Christopher Wood in the 1920s. The view of the painting is from St Ives across the bay to Godrevy lighthouse, just visible on the rocky outcrop in the background of the painting. 

Brief Biography

1929 – born at Bankshead, Brampton, the daughter of Ben and Winifred Nicholson.

1949-54 – studied at Bath Academy of Art, Peter Lanyon was one her tutors.

1954-56 – taught at Totnes High School.

1956 – moved to St Ives and became a member of Penwith Society, dividing time between Cornwall and Cumbria, which she would continue to do for many years.

1957 – took a studio at Porthgwidden, St Ives, with a view looking across the Bay to Godrevy, from where she has worked ever since.

1959/62 – solo exhibitions at Waddington's in London.

1960-70s – made regular visits to paint in Greece and the Hebrides, often painting alongside her mother (who died 1981).

1981 – exhibition at LYC Museum and Art Gallery, Brampton.