The Art of Kristin Charlesworth - Artist and Teacher


pastel 2'x3'

Mother of Compassion

oil 7'x5'


oil 2'x3'

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Kristin Charlesworth was born in England of mixed parentage, her mother of Swedish descent and father English.

She has been an artist all her life.

She studied fine arts, painting and ceramic sculpture at Camberwell School of Arts, Bath Academy and Hornsey School of Art.

She lived and painted in London for many years and travelled and painted in many countries:India, Thailand, Mexico, Sweden, Holland and for longer periods of particular study of art and landscape painting in Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

She has exhibited throughout her life, her exhibitions have included The Royal Academy, The Mall Galleries, Phoenix Gallery and the New Grafton. She was a portrait painter for the New Grafton.

She is now married and lives and works with her husband Richard Knapp, where they run a small centre for art and music and retreats see and in Dartmoor, Devon. She combines her painting and stained glass with teaching creative art courses and workshops see courses with making and composing music. She is currently involved in recording an album of piano music and working on a series of stained glass mandalas.

She has spent many years painting women and now works with symbolic and archetypal imagery to reflect the soul's unfolding and awakening.


Pastel 3'x4'6"

The Offering

Oil 4'x5'

The Vessel

Pastel 3'x4'



Pastel 2'6"x3'6"


Oil 2'6"x2'6"

Conte study for painting


I am currently working on a series of mandalas. Mandalas are universal images, symbols of unity and self. They have been used for thousands of years in many traditions and cultures, Tibetan, Eastern, European, Indian and Northern American Indian, and have been used for meditation healing and as a vehicle for transformation to reach our highest potential. Sacred Mandalas are forces of power and when contemplated can work on both the conscious and unconscious levels of a persons psyche. When they are made with love they can carry energy which can be transmitted into a room and can give healing and inspiration when in regular contact with such images.

Inner Marriage



This mandala was created as a symbol of the marriage between the masculine and feminine aspects of the self.. The swans in Indian mythology represent the soul aspect. The heart between the swans is a symbol of the Grace that flows between the masculine and feminine when they are in balance and harmony with one another. The six pointed star symbolizes the union of heaven and earth, light and dark, "as above so below". The eye in the top triangle represents the eye of God/Goddess, the Creator within. The petals around the outer circle are symbols of the soul. They alternate between light and dark and represent wholeness.


I am currently working on a rose mandala, which is of a complex structure, a symbol of the heart, twelve petalled rose of the heart chakra and a mandala for the brow chakra. These mandalas are very powerful to make. They are meditations of peace and love.


Soul Paintings oil and pastel

Personalized Mandala paintings- watercolour

With both personalised Mandalas and Soul Paintings I usually like to work with the person as a co-creative project. I see the time we spend together as an inner journey towards self healing. In the act of painting I am tuning into the essence and the inner beauty of that particular person, reflected in every cell., every line unique to them. It is often a time for contemplation, stillness and reflection. Together we tune in to the inner symbols as they reveal themselves. This can be an opportunity for healing and inspiration. The personalized Mandalas can later be used for meditation and contemplation, a powerful tool for transformation and awakening. If it is not possible to actually meet, I can also create paintings and personalised mandalas for you without you actually being physically present. For these art works I work with your particular symbols to create a painting for healing and inspiration.


Inner Marriage stained glass: 450 cards: pack of six !0.

American Indian stained glass 500 cards: pack of six 10

Rose mandala stained glass 500 cards: pack of six 10

Charlotte oil painting cards pack of six 10

Fiona pastel art card pack of six 8

Mother of Compassion pack of six !0

Soul Portraits and Personalised Mandalas are from 300. to 800.


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