Michael Stubbs

1961 West Sussex, England


1999-03 PHD Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
1988-90 MA Fine Art, Goldsmith College, University of London
1984-87 BA Fine Art, Bath Academy of Art
1978-79 Foundation, Art and Design, West Sussex College, Worthing
Solo Exhibitions
2002 Entwistle, London
1998 Duncan Cargill Gallery, London
1997 Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw School of Art, London
1996 Lotta Hammer Gallery, London
1995 2 by 1, Curtain Road Arts, London
1993 Bipasha Ghosh, London
1991 Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London
Group Exhibitions
2003 Post Flat: New Art from London, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
2002 Gallery Artists, Entwistle, London
  Painting as a Foreign Language, Centro Britanica Brasilliero, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Matt Franks, DJ Simpson, Michael Stubbs, Hollenbach Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
2001-02 Vivid, Richard Salmon Gallery, London; Mead Gallery, University of Warwick- Coventry; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK
2001 Throb, Westland Place Gallery, London
  Teeth & Trousers, Cell project Space, Ideal House, London
  So Nearly Exotic, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
  RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, London
2000 Café Project Space, Jerwood Gallery, London
  Include Me Out, 48 Provost Street, London
  Assembly, Stepney City, London
1999 Elastic Abstract, Curtain Road Arts, London, Spacex Gallery, Exeter
  Din/D.I.N, 4x4 Project Space, Amsterdam
1998 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London
  Minus, Duncan Cargill Gallery, London
  British Painting in the 90’s, Hollenbach Gallery, London
  From Within, Juliet Gallery, Trieste
  Cluster Bomb, Morrison/Judd Gallery, London
1997 Traffic, (video), Curtain Road Arts, London
  Gallery Artists, Duncan Cargill Gallery, London
  Fifty Quid, Goldsmiths College, London
  World of Painting, Unit Gallery, London
  Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art, London
1996 Art 96, Curtain Road Arts at the Design Centre, London
  Contemporary Art from the British Council Collection, Western European Union, Brussels
  Out of Order, Independent Art Space, London
  Really Out of Order, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, The Cornerhouse, Manchester
  Fifty Quid, Derbyshire Street Studios, London
  G.Hemsowrth, P.Morrison, M.Stubbs, Villa Dei Cesari, London
  Gallery Artists, Lotta Hammer Gallery, London
  Snuff - Tatort London, Christa Schubbe Gallery, Dusseldorf
  Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art, London
1995 That’s not the way to do it, PS2 Gallery, University of Northumbria, Newcastle
  Hard Work - Shift 2, 43 Exmouth Market, EC1, London
  Gang Warfare, (Video) McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, USA; Independent Art Space, London, UK; Le Consortium, Dijon, France
  Cocaine Orgasm, BANK, 83 Curtain Road, EC2, London
1994 Punishment & Decoration, Hohenthal und Bergen Gallery, Cologne
  Minatures, The Agency, London
  Potato, (Video), Independent Art Space, London
1993 - 97 New Voices, British Painting 1989-93, Musee National d’Histoire et d’Art, Luxembourg, Istanbul Greater Municipality Taksim Art Gallery, Ankara State Fine Arts Gallery, Izmin State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Centre d’Art, Santa Monica, barcelona, Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid Sala de Veronicas, Muricia, Pescadera Vieja, Sala de Arte - Jerez, Kulturhistorisches Museum, Magdeborg, National Theatre Gallery, Bucharest, Art Halls of the Cultural Centre, Athens, Cultural Centre, National Bank of Greece, Thessaloniki, Russian Museum, St Petersbourg, The Museum, Nizhni Novgorod, Galeria Mesta Bratislavaa, House of the Black Madonna, Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague, Museum of Modern Art, Skopje
1993 Launch, Curtain Road Arts, London
  East, Norfolk Institute of Art & Design, Norwich
  Mandy Loves Declan 100%. Mark Boote Gallery, New York
1992 Joy and Pain, ICA (De Appel), Amsterdam
  New Voices, (New works for British council collection), Centre Albert Boschette, Brussels
1991 Winter ’91, Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London
  Gallery Artists, Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London
  Affordable Art, Connaught Brown Gallery, London
  Critics view, Foyer Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, London
1990 Countdown, Chisenhale Gallery, London
  Interim, Goldsmith’s College, London
  76 46 01 46 British Contemporaries, Ecole des Beaux Arts - Grenoble
  MA Show, Goldsmiths College, London
  Swimming Underwater, Imagination Design & Communication, London
  Hommage to the Square, Flaxman Gallery, London
  Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Forthcoming Exhibitions

Before and After Science: Abstract Painting, Morella Art Contemporena Gallery, Milan, Italy
  Machiko Edmondson, Jane Harris, Brad Lochore, DJ Simpson, Michael Stubbs, Milan Gallery, Sao Paulo; Oscar Cruz Gallery, Rio de Janeiro
  Foreign Policy, Maltz Gallery, Otis University, Los Angeles, USA
2003 Schwabsky, Barry. Post Flat. Locks Gallery, Philadelphia. Ex.cat.
2002 Space Cooks, Artists Recipes, Space Studios, London.
  Ryan, David. Vivid. Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, Coventry; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland. Ex.cat.
  Malik, Suhail. Painting as a Foreign Language. Centro Britanico Brasilliera. Ex. cat.
2000 Assembly. Stepney City, London. Ex.cat.
  BANK Shows 1991-2000. Bank Publications (Cocaine Orgasm). Ex. cat.
1999 Trevor, Tom. Elastic Abstract. Spacex Gallery, Exeter. Ex.cat.
1998 Cecchetto, Paulo. From Within. Juliet Gallery, Trieste. Ex.cat.
1997 Murray, Angela. Positive Denial: Interview with Michael Stubbs. Hello. RCA Publications.
  Zakiewicz, Neil. Blind Data (World of Painting). Unit Publications, London.
1996 Contemporary Art from the British Council Collection, Western European Union, Brussels. Ex.cat.
  Morgan, Stuart. Out of Order. IAS, London; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Cornerhouse, Manchester. Ex.cat.
  Quinn, Malcolm. Snuff: Tatort London. Christa Schubbe Gallery, Dusseldorf. Ex.cat.
1995 Worsdale, Godfrey, Hard Work – Shift 2, 43 Exmouth Market, London
  Corris, Michael, Gang Warfare, IAS, London, McKinney Avenue, Contemporary, Dallas; Le consortium, Dijon
  Searle, Adrian, Works for a Complex Age, New Voices, Germany/Romania
1994 Undiscovered Country, Untitled Video Project, Untelevision Video Magazine, May
  Corris, Michael, Punishment & Decoration, Hohenthal und Bergen Gallery, Cologne
1993 East, Norfolk Institute of Art and Design, Norwich. Ex.cat.
  Gill Hedley & Andrea Rose, New Voices - British Painting 1989-93, British Council, Turkey / Spain. Ex.cat.
  Morgan, Stuart, Mandy Loves Declan 100%, Mark Boote Gallery, New York
  Daniell, Angie, (producer), Mandy Loves Declan 100%, video project for compilation, Mark Boote Gallery, New York
1992 Kremmer, Mark, Joy & Pain, ICA Amsterdam
  Gill Hedley & Andrea Rose, New Voices - British Painting 1989-93, British Council, Belgium / Luxembourg. Ex.cat.
1990 Kremmer, Mark, Resistance, Phantasmagorias & Curtis, MA Show Catalogue, London
  Dick Hebdige & Nicholas DeVille, The Concept, The Business, The Art, (Design – Art’s Anxiety), Swimming Underwater, London
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