- photo-realist figure painter and musician

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I am in my fifties and now live and work in Gloucestershire, England. I studied art at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, Wiltshire during the late 1960ís and early 1970ís. Alongside my painting I am also a musician and could equally have chosen to play professionally if I had not persued my passion for painting.

In both my music and my painting I enjoy the traditional values of technique and skill in execution and either pleasure from a beautiful image, or the stimulating experience of live music. I play the Northumbrian Small Pipes (made for me by Colin Ross of Northumberland) and also a lute backed Hurdy-Gurdy (made for me by Chris Eaton of Worcestershire). These instruments require great concentration and attention to detail and they need endless fine tuning and adjustment for perfect results.

I realise there are parallels between the demands of my instruments and the satisfaction I get from refining the detail in my pictures. I work at my painting and play my instruments nearly every day, as I am equally passionate about them both.

I hope my paintings show how much I love what I do.

Mike Smith

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