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Rod Clark
23 Osborne Road
01273 330802
Rod Clark - profile
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Rod trained in design at Bath Academy of Art and the Royal College.

I am interested in the difference between simplicity and complexity.
My prints are mostly produced in series, which allows exploration within a controlled framework. Although the final medium is digital the prints are collaged from many sources including drawing, photography, typography and markmaking in general. In the Printworks Series the elements are put down in layers, resulting in images which can resemble silk-screen prints. A rich visual language of signs, lines, bold colour, textures and geometry draws contrasts between the immediacy, simplicity and stasis of the subjects and the diverse, playful, freeform techniques used to describe them. I try to cancel the value and the received sense of the object and explore its symbolic potential.
Series 1: Objects
Series 2: Natural forms
Series 3: Messages
Series 4: Brighton structures.
Series 5:
Series 6:
Series 7: Canvas prints
Series 8: Simple series.
Series 9: Complex series
I am interested in the difference between simplicity and complexity. and how images can be recognised and interpreted. I love colour and am always seeing it wherever I go. Also I am feeling typography.