With Ethan [l] & Joel [m] Coen


Born: 24.05.1949, Torquay, UK, as Roger A. Deakins.

Education: Bath Academy of Art [Still photography]; National Film and Television School, UK [graduated in 1975].

Career: Ph many tv-doc's, e.g. about the wars in Rhodesia and Eritrea. Ph music videos, e.g. 'A Mess of Blues' [1983; a: Status Quo; d: Nigel Dick] and 'It's Only You, Mein Schmerz' [1983; a: Lene Lovich; d: Nigel Dick]. Appeared in the doc 'In Search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese/À la recherche de Kundun avec Martin Scorsese' [1998, Michael Henry Wilson; ph: Jean-Jacques Flori & Frédéric Vassort].

Awards: LAFCA Award [1991] and Independent Spirit Award nom [1992] for 'Homicide'; LAFCA Award [1991], NYFCC Award [1991] and NSFC Award [1992] for 'Barton Fink'; ASC Award [1995], Camerimage 'Bronze Frog' [1995] and 'Oscar' AA nom [1995] for 'The Shawshank Redemption'; BSC Award nom [1994] for 'The Hudsucker Proxy'; Independent Spirit Award [1997], 'Oscar' AA nom [1997], ASC Award nom [1997] and BAFTA Film Award nom [1997] for 'Fargo'; BSFC Award [1997], NYFCC Award [1997], NSFC Award [1998], 'Oscar' AA nom [1998] and ASC Award nom [1998] for 'Kundun'; Camerimage 'Special Award' [2001; shared]; BSC Award [2001], CFCA Award nom [2001], BAFTA Film Award nom [2001], ASC Award nom [2001] and 'Oscar' AA nom [2001] for 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'; BSFC Award [2001], LAFCA Award [2001], AFI [USA] 'Cinematographer of the Year' [2002], 'Oscar' AA nom [2002], ASC Award [2002], BAFTA Film Award [2002], CFCA Award nom [2002] and Golden Satellite Award [2002] for 'The Man Who Wasn't There'.


1976        Empty Hand [David Litchfield] 16mm/b&w/c; doc/32m; cph: Howard Sharp

1976        Welcome to Britain [Ben Lewin] 16mm/c; doc/70m; cph: Brian Huberman

1977        Before Hindsight [Jonathan Lewis] 16mm/b&w/c; doc/78m

1977        Cruel Passion [Chris Boger] c

1979        Blue Suede Shoes [Curtis Clark] c; mus doc/97m

1979        Van Morrison in Ireland [Michael Radford] 16mm/c; mus doc/60m; cph: Jeff Baynes & Bill Marshall

1979        Steppin' Out [Lyndall Hobbs] c; doc/26m

1980        Memoirs of a Survivor [David Gladwell] c; 2uc; ph: Walter Lassally

1981        The Animals Film [Victor Schonfeld & Myriam Alaux] 16mm/b&w/c; doc/136m; cph: Nic Knowland,

                    Kevin Keating, a.o.

1981        Towers of Babel [Jonathan Lewis] c; short/?m

1982        Another Time, Another Place [Michael Radford] c

1983        Alan Bush - A Life [Anna Ambrose] c; doc/64m; cph: Dick Pope

1984        Nineteen Eighty-Four/1984 [Michael Radford] c

1984        The Innocent [John Mackenzie] c; cph: Andrew Anderson

1985        Defence of the Realm [David Drury] c

1986        Sid and Nancy/Sid and Nancy: Love Kills [Alex Cox] c

1986        Personal Services [Terry Jones] c

1987        The Kitchen Toto [Harry Hook] c; 2uc: Charles Patey

1987        White Mischief [Michael Radford] c

1987        Stormy Monday [Mike Figgis] c

1987        Pascali's Island [James Dearden] c

1988        La donna della luna/Woman in the Moon [Vito Zagarrio] c; cph: Luigi Verga

1988        Mountains of the Moon [Bob Rafelson] c; addph: Dick Pope

1990        The Long Walk Home [Richard Pearce] c

1990        Air America [Roger Spottiswoode] s35/c; 2uc: Robin Browne

1990        Barton Fink [Joel Coen] c

1991        Homicide [David Mamet] c

1991        Thunderheart [Michael Apted] c

1992        Passion Fish [John Sayles] c

1992        The Secret Garden [Agnieszka Holland] c; addph: Jerzy Zielinski & Dick Pope; wildlife ph: Andrew

                    Anderson & Mike Richards; vfx cons: Robin Browne

1992        The Hudsucker Proxy [Joel Coen] c; 2uc: Paul Elliott; spec ph: Jim Bridges; vfx ph: Patrick Turner

                    & Kim F. Marks

1993        The Shawshank Redemption [Frank Darabont] c

1993        Nobody's Fool [Robert Benton] c

1994        Rob Roy [Michael Caton-Jones] scope/c; uncred; cph: Karl-Walter Lindenlaub; 2uc: James 


1995        Fargo [Joel Coen] c

1995        Dead Man Walking [Tim Robbins] c

1995        Courage Under Fire [Edward Zwick] c; 2uc: Nick Taylor

1996        Kundun [Martin Scorsese] s35/c; 2uc: Jan Kiesser & Phil Pfeiffer

1997        The Big Lebowski [Joel Coen] c

1998        The Siege [Edward Zwick] ws/c; 2uc: Craig Haagensen

1998        Anywhere But Here [Wayne Wang] s35/c

1998        The Hurricane [Norman Jewison] c

1999        O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Joel & Ethan Coen] s35/c

1999        Thirteen Days [Roger Donaldson] b&w/c; cph: Andrzej Bartkowiak & Christopher Duddy

2000        The Man Who Wasn't There [Joel Coen] b&w/c

2001        A Beautiful Mind [Ron Howard] c

2001        Levity [Ed Solomon] c

2002        Intolerable Cruelty [Joel Coen] c


1983        Return to Waterloo [Ray Davies] tvm

1984        The House [Mike Figgis] tvm/16mm                 

1985        Shadey [Philip Saville] tvm; first released in theaters

2000        Dinner with Friends [Norman Jewison] tvm