Rowan McOnegal

Papaver somniferum  Rowan McOnegal 2004 Rowan McOnegal has always been passionate about plants. Trained as a painter at Bath Academy of Art, she later became a freelance photographer with a special interest in the natural world.
Her experience of modern medicine versus traditional therapy combined with an intense interest in botany led in 1990 to Rowan qualifying as a medical herbalist. From then on she has combined her medicinal practice with the building and expanding of a photographic record of herbs and wildflowers that today provides a reliable, comprehensive and specialist library of plant portraits used in publications across the world.
She has travelled extensively researching traditional healing and broadening the scope of her library. Rowan advocates the living tradition of herbal medicine through her practice, in growing and making her own medicines, teaching, photographing plants and lecturing.
Rowan McOnegal BA MNIMH
Castle Orchard
Birchall Lane

Tel: +44 (0)1531 670075

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