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Roy Hutchings was born in Leicester in 1938. He studied Ceramics and Sculpture at Bath Academy of Art in the late 1950's and early 60's and has since worked in education, initially as a college lecturer, but for the last 20 years as Head of an Art Department in an inner city school in the North of England.

He retired from full time teaching in 1995. A continuous strand in his work in education was concerned with assessments in art, and he still works part time as an assistant principal moderator for an examinations board.
As a student, Roy worked with the late James Tower and was much influenced by his large scale ceramic objects made from sheets of clay and pressed into plaster moulds. Most of Roy's work is also in the form of ceramic sculptures and whilst these are in themselves, non-representational, they are nevertheless based on several themes; eroded man made structures varying from ruined abbey churches in North Yorkshire, to broken and vandalised gun emplacements left on the coast of Normandy after World War II; from the shells of wrecked wooden boats around the coastline to the pattern and surface of Romanesque sculptures, especially in Burgundy.
The ceramic sculptures are made from flat sheets of clay that have been rolled whilst soft onto a textured surface and built up piece by piece to form a finished object. The work is fired to 1000 C in a biscuit kiln and glazed before refiring to stoneware temperatures of around 1250 C in an electric kiln. All Roy's glazes are based on woodash or field spars and are subject both to chance as well as experimentation and recording. Surfaces are often brushed with metal oxides, especially iron and copper, which gives rise to a very unique effect, especially when contrasted to unglazed areas such as rims and edges.
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