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White Nile Expedition Triumphs! WWM Chief Sponsor

Worldwide Movers Africa, the chief sponsor of the White Nile Expedition is proud that the first and world record breaking passage down the Nile was a triumph!

Never before and possibly never again will there be a river expedition like this one; there can never be a longer one, or one in which the diversity of our planet can be seen any better. "This perfectly complements the spirit and drive of the Worldwide Movers Africa team" said Val Prinsep, president of the eight country moving group.

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The goal of the expedition was to navigate the Nile along its entire course, in a variety of vessels from white water rafts to dhows and banana boats with the purpose of conquering one of the last geo-physical feats left on the face of the earth. to promote peace and goodwill in the regions it crosses and to showcase the countries by raising awareness through media exposure.

Special thanks go to Chris and Neena Prior of Worldwide Movers Kenya and Eric and Alexandra Beuthin of Worldwide Movers Uganda for their many hours of support cash, spirit and logistics.

You can see the expedition's route on www.settlethenile.com and www.thewhitenile.com

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Worldwide Movers Africa Grows Family into Madagascar
Worldwide Movers Africa is pleased to announce the birth of Worldwide Movers Madagascar. The new company is directed by Guy Shepherd and assisted with the matchless experience of Worldwide Movers Africa. Worldwide Movers Madascar will share the same excellence of service as its counterparts across East Africa. Visit the Madagascar section for contact information.

New Liaison Office in Paris
Val Prinsep announces the relocation of the WWM Liaison Office from Toronto to Paris. The new office coordinates the sales, marketing and IT strategies of our operations in Africa. Val is pleased to welcome colleague movers here, at 2, rue Poussin, 75016 Paris.

Worldwide Movers leaves Botswana
In light of various conflicts of interest arising over the past year, Worldwide Movers Africa has opted to dissolve our Botswana partnership with immediate effect. Naturally any traffic currently in progress will be handled to completion with our usual care.

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Worldwide Movers FIDI/FAIM Certification
Worldwide Movers Uganda has successfully obtained the highly esteemed FIDI affiliation. This follows an eight month training period that culminated in the FAIM certification audit. Having achieved this goal in Uganda, the Worldwide Group has similar plans for all of its offices throughout Africa.

Upcountry deliveries during the rainy season.

Areas of Operation
Worldwide Movers has offices and full operations in Burundi, Eritrea, Eastern Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar.

Will Worldwide Movers deliver my shipment without prepayment?

Yes, provided of course that you are known to one of our management team or you are a member of OMNI, FIDI, Household Goods Forwarders Association of America or in good standing with one of the major Van Lines.

Will Worldwide Movers pay promptly for delivery and unpacking services?

Worldwide Movers is in great financial health and undertakes to honour all its invoices 30 days from the date of receipt, so fax your invoice and supporting documents to us as soon as you have completed a successful delivery!

Worldwide Movers commitment to excellence

The Directors, Management and Staff of Worldwide Movers Africa are entirely committed to the highest industry standards, which is why our company has become the leader of its kind in the region. All of our country operations have share-holding directors active in day-to-day operations that assure both the continuity and quality to these professional companies. No other moving company in Africa can boast the length of experience of our local directors. -You can count on us.

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Heres a useful travel and health site. Apart from essential advice, news and details of health insurance policies, here's a country by country pre-departure section about jabs and points to consider before travelling: included to is a link to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. There's also a nerve-racking "Are You Fit To Travel" quiz.


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