Chris Kent painting 1994

Oil on canvas, 122 cm x 122 cm, 1994


1969-70 Watford School of Art

1970-73 Bath Academy of Art, Corsham

1973-74 Working as graphic designer in London

1974-88 Teaching part-time in London

Since 1988 freelancing as a designer, illustrator and tutor while continuing to practise as a painter and printmaker exhibiting in a number of one-man and group shows in the UK and abroad.


One-man exhibitions

1981 West Surrey School of Art, Farnham

1981 Woodlands Gallery, London

1982 Bakehouse Gallery, London

1984 Galerie Jelinek, Cologne

1988 Art Works Space, London

1995 Alternative Arts Galleries, London


Group exhibitions

1975 Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

1978 Circle Press ’67-’77, University of Surrey

1978 Foundlings, Coracle Press, London

1978 Sheffield Open, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield

1979 Hesketh Hubbard Annual, Mall Galleries, London

1981 Spirit of London (commended), Royal Festival Hall, London

1981 Bakehouse Gallery, London

1982 Five, Woodlands Gallery, London

1984 Small Works, City University Gallery, London

1984 Leigh Gallery, Bloomsbury, London

1986/7 Open Studio Show, Cable Street, London

1989 Research Student’s Show, Camberwell School of Art

1989 Homerton College, Cambridge

1990-95 Intaglio Gallery, London

1994-96 Art94, ’95 and ’96, Business Design Centre

1996 Transformations, London Institute Gallery

1996 Gallery Differentiate, London

1997 30 years of Circle Press, National Theatre, London

2000 Jill George Gallery


Public collections

University of California (Berkeley)

Houston University

Austin Humanities, Texas

Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Private collections in

France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and the USA



Selected work:

From 1980s

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From 1990s

Recent work


Biography and Exhibitions