Kieran Lyons
Programme Leader, Fine Art

After graduating from the sculpture department at the Bath Academy of Art, Kieran Lyons undertook his Masters Degree in America, graduating in Sculpture from Yale University. From there, Kieran travelled to New Zealand with a fellowship at the University of Auckland and started to produce large scale installation works with a fictional company called E-Z-GRO. Returning to London in 1977, Kieran joined the video/performance collective at 2B Butlerís Wharf producing video performances, and presenting them in London, Belfast, Newcastle and Dublin.

In 1989 Kieran became a full-time member of staff at the School of Art Media and Design, working on the Interactive Art which developed into what is now the Fine Art Contemporary Media Programmes. In this period Kieran produced major drawing works that have been shown throughout Britain and Europe, with the 56 Group Wales. More recently specialising in interactive/dynamic installations and digitally projected works that have been seen at Ffotogallery Cardiff, Oriel Mostyn Llandudno and the Glyn Vivian Swansea as well as here at the University of Wales Newport.

k lyons

Kieran Lyons

Examples of this digital work can be seen at:

Kieran is now completing his PhD at the University of Wales, initially with the CAiiA Research Group under Prof. Roy Ascott  and  with Prof. Linda Henderson of the University of Texas as principal advisor. Kieran's thesis deals with Marcel Duchampís military conditioning, with particular emphasis on an automobile-journey that Duchamp took in 1912 called the Jura-Paris Road.

Kieran became Programme Leader of Fine Art Contemporary Media in 2004 and Is overseeing the change towards a broadly based Fine Art Programme that accommodates traditional modes of practice, while maintaining the Programmeís reputation for exciting work with new technologies.

Some examples of Kieran's work below: