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Please add your comments or people who you are trying to find through this website.
Because of concerns regarding unsolicited emails, do not include email addresses, telephone numbers or personal information that could compromise your identity. This is an open Guestbook and is seen by all. It has to be your decision to add only the information you feel comfortable with sharing to others, and other than BAA. If anyone wishes their email address deleted from this site, just email me here.
It is hoped that as more ex-students make contact, the site will increase in the number of pages it has to view. To this end, there is space available for you to make your own personal profile and comments about the time you spent in Corsham. Please feel free to make a contribution, contact me for details on how you can add a page to the site.
Good luck in your search for long lost friends and pass on this site address to your known colleagues of Bath Academy of Art at Corsham.

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