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Cilla May 76/80

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Colin Timm has added more images of Graphics students from 1976 to '79 and includes many of the people featured in the previous pages 13 & 15.

the smaller images have larger photos

from the top

Ann Marshall

Steve Roe

David Theobald

Louise Wardle

Mike Hope

Jenny Francis

Richard Ireland

Colin Timm

to the bottom

click for a bigger one!

"Steve Roe in a case, don't know why, probably because I couldn't light and shoot an egg."

click for a bigger one!

"Maggie Curtis
in the Brillig Tea Rooms, Bath."

click for a bigger one!

"Richard Ireland
and the rest of us on the wall."

click for a bigger one!

"Sarah Bishop"

click for a bigger one!

"Jenny Francis (reading The Times)
with John Liepens"

click for a bigger one!

"The Queens Silver Jubilee or camping in Bideford."
Six Go West in an Imp, a Minivan and 4 tents!
L to R:- Hamish Muir : Jenny Francis : Colin Timm
Mike Hope : David Theobald : Photographer?

"The sheep, fog and deluge of rain kept us up all night."


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