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Steve Gooch

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Alice Mason painting 83-86, has given us two photos taken in 1986.
"We were among the last graduates from BAA Corsham".

my friends at the time, Sue Hayler and Chris Horrocks.

me, Alice Mason in 1986

Sue did sculpture and Chris and I painting. Chris is now a published critical theory writer, having written 'Introducing Foucault' and one on Baudrillard. He made me laugh throughout college, he was hilariously funny.

48 Pickwick Road
Another student house, now home to 2 dentists, one of whom; Clive Power was a patron of the Degree Shows at Corsham. 
During our 1st year this was home to ace guitarist John Dickenson (known to us as 'The Oracle' and who had taken a year out to act as Student Union President), Suzy Willey, Jane Tetslaff and Jim Apps among others.
An interesting feature of this house was the lack of any form of banister on the staircase. Inevitably Jim fell foul of this one evening when returning from the pub having 'had a few'. Suzy was awoken by a huge dull thud, and rushing out of her room was confronted with Jim soundly asleep on the floor having fallen off the staircase! Fortunately he appeared to be totally uninjured and was dragged to his room to sleep it off. Where are you now Jim? We still have the 'Apps Amps' tape.

Living close to Corsham we still see many ex employees of BAA, does anyone remember Jean who worked as a cleaner for 17 years? Jean is now a grandmother and has fond memories of the BAA days, a ceramic she purchased for her sister now resides in Spain and has pride of place. Mr. Mannings is still seen occasionally, back ramrod straight as ever.

Sadly we weren't able to make the Calne reunion due to work commitments, hopefully next time.

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Sue McMorran 75/78