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Carl Wadkin-Snaith 81/84

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Carl Wadkin - December 2002

Carl Wadkin & Sharon Snaith page 2

Biking @ the court: In the 2nd year Sharon's studio was in the Gatehouse at Corsham Court and what a beautiful place to paint in summer. Having sold Carl's 550 Kawasaki we bought a cheap Yamaha 500 single to get about on together. Here you can see Sharon having a first test ride around the drive of the Court. Did we really have access to this place or was it a dream?


Chris Vaughan: Shock horror, a fine art student working!

Cross art: Andy Cross err........ posing in front of his work. Andy was in the year above us and I think this may have been part of his degree show. He was also a very accomplished bass player and played in countless bands.

Jim Cross Vicky: Left to right, Alison Stanley (we think), Victoria ?, Jim Apps (if you're out there Jim, we have a recording of you whilst very drunk) and Andy Cross. All painters.

Monk's Park: The house whilst it was empty following the Foundation course moving to Bath.

Sharon and Jim: Sharon Snaith and Jim Apps appear to be sinking into the grounds of Gastard House, home to many a BAA student mad enough to live in a house with rooms 15 feet high - must have cost a fortune to keep warm.


As Sharon became somewhat larger with the impending delivery of Dominic, things got a little difficult to the point where I had to lift her in and out. Even after the birth we persevered with this rather impractical vehicle and covered many thousands of miles being shaken to pieces and deadened, no wonder our son is mad!

Sculpture school: A scary place in the dark! Carl's 2nd year painting space was on the balcony at right, along with 3 year cross dressing cabaret host and fellow biker Andy Southwell.
: After our wedding in July of the 2nd year and in a moment of madness, we bought a sidecar to attach to the Yamaha. This proved very useful in stopping the bike falling over in snow and ice and transported many a student and several luminaries including Gary Wragg and Sharon's elderly grandma! Seen outside the sculpture school beside woodwork technician Geoff Hawkins's Landrover. Geoff was a lovely chap and presented us with a hand turned rolling pin when he discovered we had married. After we left college he provided carrying cases for the model railway locomotives Carl built in our first business venture. 

flash movie!

Is this Helena Giles?

Suzy Willey: Heating was not to impressive in the studios. We still see Suzy fairly regularly and she now has 3 young children to go with her husband.

"...and there is more to come when we have time!, some photos, cine film and band recordings."

Tim Easton: Sharon and Tim in the first year. Tim had a fantastic collection of British bikes and was responsible for the strange stalagmite type creations in the photo. Sadly Tim upset the establishment and was thrown off the course, we feel rather unjustly. Despite the apparent freedom of the fine art course there were certain things that weren't on. Oddly enough this didn't seem to include never doing any work!

Just arrived ...a few more photos and memories of the hostels.

87a Pickwick Road is a bungalow at the rear of the main house and home to a party in the first week of term. On closer inspection this turned out to be a pyjama party, memorable for what some female students were er; not wearing!

The kitchen at 87 Pickwick Road was, in our time at least, the nearest thing to 'The Young Ones'. On one of the few occasions I ventured in, the sink was piled high with pans and plates, not unusual in a student hostel you might think. The difference is that these ones were covered in thick mould aaaaagh.............!

On another occasion Sharon and a group of others went to a party where a huge pot of disgusting looking magic mushroom tea/soup/sludge resided on the kitchen table, and was being eagerly scooped up by those bent on voyages of discovery. Sharon and friends decided extreme sports were far safer, and later to be seen pushing Clinton Phillips down Pickwick road in a supermarket trolley.

48 Pickwick Road
Another student house, now home to 2 dentists, one of whom; Clive Power was a patron of the Degree Shows at Corsham. 
During our 1st year this was home to ace guitarist John Dickenson (known to us as 'The Oracle' and who had taken a year out to act as Student Union President), Suzy Willey, Jane Tetslaff and Jim Apps among others.
An interesting feature of this house was the lack of any form of banister on the staircase. Inevitably Jim fell foul of this one evening when returning from the pub having 'had a few'. Suzy was awoken by a huge dull thud, and rushing out of her room was confronted with Jim soundly asleep on the floor having fallen off the staircase! Fortunately he appeared to be totally uninjured and was dragged to his room to sleep it off. Where are you now Jim? We still have the 'Apps Amps' tape.

Living close to Corsham we still see many ex employees of BAA, does anyone remember Jean who worked as a cleaner for 17 years? Jean is now a grandmother and has fond memories of the BAA days, a ceramic she purchased for her sister now resides in Spain and has pride of place. Mr. Mannings is still seen occasionally, back ramrod straight as ever.

Sadly we weren't able to make the Calne reunion due to work commitments, hopefully next time.


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