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Gwyther Irwin  (b. 1931)

Nationality: British
1931:Born at Trebetherick on the North Cornwall coast.
1968: Visiting Lecturer, Chelsea School of Art.
1966: Visiting Lecturer at Hornsey College of Art.
1963: visiting Lecturer, Bath Academy of Art, Corsham.
1959: Visiting Lecturer, Bath Academy of Art, Corsham.
1969: Appointed Head of Fine Art, University of Brighton
1975: Head of University of Brighton School of Art
Resigned post of Head of Fine Art at University of Brighton


1951-54: Studied at the Central School of Art and Design.
1949: Taught painting by Roger Hilton.

Other Activities

Commissions: Designed and cut "Rectangular Relief" in Portland Stone for British Petroleum HQ, Moorfields, London (as listed).
Edition of 100 screen prints 'superstructure' for 3i Group.
Two paintings, each 53 x 90 ins., for Glaxo Research Group.

Biographical Notes

"I don’t know enough about it that’s the simple way of putting it. I simply have to use the things I have found beginning to come away from me I have to paint like that. I don’t really do anything else other than to paint all the time."
Subject: "I can recognise this, but cannot describe it."
Technique: "I put down a little bit of colour, then take a break and rush out before being overwhelmed y the awfulness of it all. I am always just putting something on a flat surface it gradually becomes defined and redefined so that it is very clear for anyone to see."
Notes: "I am not really into trying to get things so that they work with other ideas I just always have this one idea. I have such a range of abilities. I am actually useless really - I can paint like nobody’s business but other than that I’m useless."
Gwyther Irwin

Works by Gwyther Irwin

Royal Parade 1/5
Royal Parade 1/5


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