To Greet the New Year 2000:
Helen Binyon's Tiger, recollected by Bert Eastman

For the last seven years, we have spent each December printing the first Incline Press offering for the next year. These little jeux d'esprit have touched on a variety of bookish subjects over the years, and invariably provide an aura of holiday cheer about the workshop during the waning days of the old year and,in the new year spread that cheer to our readers . It amuses us to print and publish these small ambassadors of the Incline Press, and they have acquired some popularity among the cognoscenti.

Although the first five of these New Year's Books are out of print, we do have copies of last year's booklet.


In Parenthesis Four Dennis Hall called Helen Binyon's Tiger the best of the seasonal booklets he had under review. The heart of this booklet is Bert Eastman's three block cut, Tiger, his homage to the Chinese shadow puppets that were used by Helen Binyon when she taught at The Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. Bert and his wife Molly were students of Helen's, and the story that accompanies the tiger describes the enthusiastic teacher and the shadow puppets that are remembered fondly by a generation of students. Helen Binyon described her tiger puppet as "capable of the most subtle variations of movement". Bert's cut, inspired by his vivid recollections of this paper tiger, almost dances off the page to greet the New Year.


Helen Binyon's Tiger is set in 14 pt Fournier, and wrapped in a Remondini patterned paper. Printed in an edition of 250 of which 60 are for sale at 12 50 or $20.

Price includes postage.


Linocut copyright Bert Eastman 2000. Last Updated: 26 January 2001 by K.Whalen