Born: 1951, Mägenwil, Switzerland.

Education: Kunstgewerbeschule, Zürich.

Career: 'Lukas Strebel's ambition from an early age was to be a film director, but Switzerland had no film schools at that time, so he followed the stills photography route, serving a four year apprenticeship in a Zurich Fashion and Commercial Photographic Studio, before coming to England in the 70s to teach photography at the Bath Academy of Art. After two years in the USA as Artist in Residence, Lukas returned to Switzerland and started in the film industry as a stills photographer, then a camera assistant, progressing rapidly to lighting. He spent the next twenty years working throughout Europe as a Director and Director of Photography before moving back to England [1998], drawn by the culture, the language, and the greater variety of scripts available.' [From the Kodak website.] Ph commercials [dir by Urs Egger, Michael Fueter, a.o.], music videos and corporate films. Directed commercials for Swisscom, Le dimanche, ABB, a.o.

Awards: DKP Fernsehfilm nom [1998] for 'Opernball'.


1986        Morlove [- Eine Ode für Heisenberg] [Samir] U-matic/c; exp film/71m; restored in 1998

1987        Destination Zéro [Torsten Seibt] tvm; also in theatres

1987        Blues, Black & White [Markus Imboden] b&w

1988        Filou [Samir] c

1989        Tatort [ep #229 'Howalds Fall' dir by Urs Egger] tv-series

1990        Der Berg/The Mountain [Markus Imhoof] c

1990        All Out [Thomas Koerfer] c
1992        Kinder der Landstraße/Child on the Open Road
[Urs Egger] c

1992        Geteilte Nacht [Pius Morger] c

1994        Eurocops [ep #12 'Drei Mädchen' & ep #13 'Die Falle/Trapped' dir by Samir] tv-series/16mm; cph: Felix von Muralt (#13)

1995        In uns die Hölle/Zwischen zwei Männern - Die Liebe einer Frau [Urs Egger] tvm

1995        Die Kommissarin [ep #16 'Das Amulett' dir by Urs Egger (UE) & #25 'Stierblut' dir by UE] 59-part series, 1994-2004;

                    2nd season, 1995-96

1995        Flammen im Paradies/Fire in Paradise [Markus Imhoof] c

1996        Die Halbstarken [Urs Egger] tvm

1996        Charleys Tante [Sönke Wortmann] tvm

1997        Opernball/Opera Ball [Urs Egger] 2-part tvm ('Die Opfer' & 'Die Täter')

1999        Seeing Red [Graham Theakston] tvm; in USA ep of PBS-tv series 'Masterpiece Theatre'

2000        The Scarlet Pimpernel [Graham Theakston] tvm

2000        The Bombmaker [Graham Theakston] 2-part tvm

2001        Epsteins Nacht/Epstein's Night [Urs Egger] c

2001        Come Together [Graham Theakston] tvm/16mm

2001        Three Guesses [Richard Burridge] c

2001        Case of Evil/Sherlock [Graham Theakston] tvm

2002        State of Mind [Christopher Menaul] 2-part tvm

2002        Unconditional Love [Ferdinand Fairfax] tvm

2002        New Tricks [Graham Theakston] pilot

2002        Murphy's Law: Electric Bill [Peter Lydon] 2-part tvm

2003        Collusion [Richard Burridge] c

2003        Kaldewei - Email [Frank Papenbroock] c; corporate film (?); 2uc; ph: Joachim Berc

2003        Wall of Silence [Christopher Menaul] tvm

2003        The Lazarus Child [Graham Theakston] c

2003        Familie gesucht [Urs Egger] tvm


1967        Happy Birthday [Markus Imhoof; short] actor; ph: ?

1980        Das Boot ist voll/The Boat Is Full [Markus Imhoof] co-asst dir; ph: Hans Liechti

1983        Il bacio di Tosca/Casa Verdi/Tosca's Kiss [Daniel Schmid] c.asst; ph: Renato Berta


1985        So lebe ich [16mm/c; doc/30m] ph: ?

199?        Chormann [+ prod/scrpl] ph: ?