Michael Gray
Director The Fox Talbot Museum, UK.

Early Photographic History: Inventors, Creators, and Artists.

Michael Gray is the Director of the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, which is devoted to the life and work of William Henry Fox Talbot. He also consults as a Scientific Director of the Ikons Center Digital Project, is a member of the steering committee and Lecturing Member of the teaching facility of the University of Pordenone, Italy, and headed the Photography Department of Visual Communication in the Bath Academy of Art in 1979-85. In addition, he is a partner of the Monmouth Calotype, a consultancy specialising in the reprinting of 19th and early 20th century photographic negatives, particularly where no surviving positive images are known to survive or cannot, for conservation reasons, be exhibited.
Mr. Gray has conducted primary research and has written papers on the aesthetics, history and evolution of photography and photographic vision. He is currently involved in three ongoing photographic projects in collaboration with archives and museums in Italy, Portugal and Australia over the course of the next two years.