Artist Works: Robyn Denny

Current InsideSpace Collection

Print Title Type of Artwork
  Generations (10), 1978  
  Generations (18), 1978  
  Generations (19), 1978  
  Graffiti 14, 1977  
  Graffiti 18, 1977  
  Graffiti 19, 1977  

Artist Biography

  1978   Prizewinner, John Moores Liverpool
  1969   Prizewinner, 8th International Print Exhibition, Ljubljana
  1968   Prizewinner, 10th International Print Exhibition, Lugano
  1960   Gulbenkian Foundation Purchase Award
  1957   Awarded Italian Government Scholarship

  1967   Visiting Professor at the Minneapolis School of Art
  1966   Appointed Member of Art Panel, Arts Council of Great Britain
  1965   Began Teaching at the Slade School of Art, London
  1963-64   Art Critic for Art International, Lugano
  1957-59   Taught Painting at Hammersmith College of Art
  1959-65   Taught at Bath Academy of Art

      Museum of Modern Art, New York
      Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis
      Tate Gallery, London
      Arts Council of Great Britain
      British Council
      Contemporary Arts Society
      Gulbenkian Foundation
      Peter Stuyvesant Collection
      Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
      Ulster Museum, Belfast

  1992   Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London
  1980   Aronson Gallery, Atlanta
  1979   Bernard Jacobson Ltd, London
      Bernard Jacobson Ltd, New York
  1978   Festival Gallery, Bath
  1977   Waddington and Tooth Gallery, Bath
  1976   Galleria Mrone, Milan
  1975   Galleria La Polena, Genova
      Jacques Damase Gallery, Brussels
      Neue Galerie, Linz
  1974   Marlborough Gallery, Rome
      Galleria del Cavallino, Venice
      Galleria L'Approdo
  1973   Tate Gallery (retropective Exhibition) Leverkusen Studio la Citta, Verona.

  1951-53   Studied at St Martin's School of Art
  1953-57   Royal College of Art

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