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WELCOME to the official Website of Sir Michael Tippett (1905-1998)

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Welcome to the official website of Sir Michael Tippett -Composer, conductor, writer, humanitarian, philanthropist.

 Here you will find information of all kinds about -

  • Tippett's life
  • Tippett's musical compositions
  • Tippett's writings
  • Forthcoming performances of Tippett's music
  • Recordings of Tippett's Music
  • A twice-yearly newsletter

- and much, much else!

Currently, there are over 30 sections to the site, all listed on the left hand side.

Additionally, there are Links to related sites, a Guestbook where you can record your own comments and a Contact address if you have queries of any kind.

Much of the material on this site has already been translated into French, German, Spanish. Further versions in other languages will be added in due course. All Tippett's music is published by Schott & Co. Ltd and their catalogue is included on this site. Short musical excerpts from Tippett's concert-hall works are being added to the website, mostly in the Information on Compositions section. All written material is strictly copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the authors and translators. The lead photograph of Sir Michael is by Nicky Johnston, whose permission for its usage is gratefully acknowledged.

This site has been created and maintained by Stephen Kristian. Grateful thanks are due to Rachel Oakley and Alan Woolgar for assistance in compiling the information into suitable formats.

Please feel free to visit the Tippett Website often for news and fresh information.

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