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to the only website on Bath Academy of Art at Corsham.
It was created because there was no specific mention in any web space of the art college having ever been in existence in Corsham, so this prompted a site for ex-BAA students & staff.

...and as it is tonight!

Beechfield, as it is today (minus that tree) send as a postcard
...and as it is tonight! (MPT RIP)

The original pages on the site look back nostalgically to the 'Good Old Days' of the mid '70's, when it was a scene of busy (and not so busy) art students 'doing' ART. As well as jiving it up in the union hut, eating to survive the week in the canteen, over supporting the local pubs and other unmentionable activities. This is only an anecdotal snapshot of my time from '74 to '78 and is the way I remember it.
Over the last six years there has been many pages and photographs added to the site by ex students who were at BAA from the early 50's through to the mid 80's, almost the actual lifespan of the Academy in Corsham.
Most of these have been added to Your Page and Who's Who pages. Other contributions include prospectuses, personal recollections, exhibition catalogues past & present to reunions and current art shows featuring ex-BAA practising artists. The sitemap has all of the links to these pages and a lot more.
If you have photographs and comments to add, making a feature about any aspect of your time at Bath Academy of Art, then there are pages available for you on this site -  please contact
me for details.
Feel free to add your comments or an update on where you are now and what you are doing, etc. Please send your Guestbook comments by email.

A birds-eye view of Beechfield 1980's?

four sizes of Beechfield

I am looking for any old photos of the college grounds and of the students who were here, probably B&W and self processed, that you may still have in your possession. I've exhumed mine and put them onto the Who's Who pages 1 & 2, all are photos of ex-students and some have no names next to them! Do you recognise anyone? I can produce images from your old negatives/slides digitally, so root them out and send them on to my address. Alternatively, photographs can be scanned, JPEG compressed to under 100kb preferably, and emailed to me.

Visiting Corsham?

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