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Claudia Campbell 78/80

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Simon Caslaw emailed this photo of ex-students taken only 25 years ago!

BAA Ceramics class first year in front of the kiln room of course
1982 [1982-85]

from the back, L to R...
Paul, Pat, Amanda, Jane, Shirley, Penny, : Sue S, Penny M, Simon, Tracy, Sue V
Phillipa, Kerri, Lorraine B, Neil, Frankie, Lorraine P, Debbie
[only Brendan and Julia are missing]

* * * * *

Taken in the canteen and in the union hut are two photos of
The Faustino Five
from 1984 and '85

"We started off busking in rag week down one end of the canteen one lunchtime - 
finished up headlining a farewell gig with a packed union hut one evening a year later"

Busking for rag week, dancing permitted!
graham : kelvin : simon : brendan

Live in the hut, farewell gig
brendan : kelvin : simon : graham

Were you there... do you remember the famous five?

8 photos from Simon's website

Visit Simon's website for these and more photographs


Kevin Davis wasn't a student at Corsham, but does have a few old photo's of Beechfield, taken, in the early 80's.
"I was employed originally on the maintenance side, but moved on to be a technician, half the time with John Colbeck in the Ceramics dept', the other half working with Geoff Hawkins in Fine Art. I stayed until the college moved to Bath."

Beechfield House leading to

the canteen, which actually won an award for its design.

pottery on the left to the front of Beechfield House path running between B26 on the left and the Fine Art office and studios to the right

David Plakke is a successful photographer in New York, living there since 1984.
check out his website & 9.11 video

a piece of my handywork with a chain saw
at the rear of the Sculpture School
"Missy & I"

I will try to remember a bit more about my time at Beechfield and Corsham Court as I also  grew up in the area.

David emailed this photo in 2004
think it's mid to late 70's?
though he never gave a date for it.

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