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Ann le Rendu 59-62

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Paddy Allen - 2001

Pauline (Paddy) Allen was the only female in the sculpture group of 1965-'69.

So far there has been no mention of Easton Court Farm. I know that it was used for digs but although I'm still in touch with Angela (who was also an ex BAA Corsham student) and Richard Gifford, haven't found out how long they had students. 
It was an oasis of country life in an arty-farty world.

Easton Court Farm - 2002

I got to milk the cows at weekends; ride horses; drive various horse drawn vehicles; did some tractor work AND YES! I could reverse two and four wheeled trailers!!! My first year there was with Karen Wilson a painter - where are you now Karen, went on to the Royal College and fame I'm sure, and the second year I spent with Hilary Keys.

Paddy Allen with Harold the dog &
Henry the cat at Easton Court Farm.

boozemobile and owner.
MDL had a very smart grill of
red paint and chrome work.

There was a piece of stainless steel sheet stood up outside of the 'hut' whoops, sorry Mike Pennie's OFFICE. Hence this very cunning photo of our reflection with all the lads, as in Mike Marsden's photo. Yes that's him sitting down in the front WITH A TIE ON!!!? ...and me behind the camera. By the way, I think the sheet of steel was on its way to a certain tutors'...... NOT Mike P, I hasten to add.
Q. Who was the tutor that had the sheet of steel? A. It belonged to John Hoskin The Darlington Sculpture by John Hoskin - June 2002

photo added 22 May 2010. sent by Mary Ball

team sculpture 1966-69

l-r Gareth Ball, Pete Bailey, Mike Marsden, Jim Parker, Bob Panton, Bill Watson
front Paddy Allen

Lacock Fair with Angela Gifford
and my now ex... Richard Watts.

Ok... cheesy
Bonnie from the film '..and Clyde'.

Lacock was another escape, often on bicycles! Cream teas and a good pub. I did a project for my finals on rocking horses. With the help of a graphic student, we photographed the rocking horse at Lacock Abbey.

Films at Chippenham flea pit!
The Man With No Name! all of those films!
Who was the student in the year above us who wore a poncho for the remaining time he was there, a la Clint Eastwood?

The rather strange photo is a part of a sculpture displayed
on a tombstone in Corsham churchyard... my Gothic period.

I was also in digs in the Almshouses at Corsham

Newly refurbished 2002

That was a truly wonderful place. It had a large downstairs room,
again with a rocking horse - there were lots of them around Corsham,
and a truly spooky atmosphere at night! In fact I remember ghosts and ESP
as being one of the most absorbing extra curricular activities that we pursued.

...and jumble sales. How else could we have survived without the jumble sales. I remember wearing a satin petticoat to the end of term dance which was called 'Gold and Silver'. Someone in graphics had produced a brilliant poster for it. I wonder if that's still out there somewhere in someone's attic.

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